Richie Spice Endorses the Big One Drop Rhythm Project

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Topflight reggae singer Richie Spice has recorded a brand new track called Jah Neva Turn His Back, on the highly anticipated Big One Drop rhythm. Spice said he is very happy to be a part of this project because of the quality of the rhythm and the purpose of the project.

“I just recorded a very nice on song called Jah Never Turn His Back on the Big One One Drop rhythm. The idea and concept behind this project is very good and I totally endorse it. I’m always ready to give my full support to the preservation and the upliftment of Reggae music and that’s what this project is about,” said Richie Spice.

The Big One Drop Rhythm project is the brain child of publicist and music business entrepreneur Ralston Barrett who is the head of R.A.B. Entertainment.
Barrett said the idea for the project came about after much consideration about what or how he could contribute to the preservation of Reggae music.

“This project is really about saving the One Drop culture, it’s almost as if Reggae is dying in our country, all I hear on the radio these days are hip hop and R&B sounding tracks.

I grew up in the 80s and 90s, I love the real authentic Jamaican sounds, so I want to play my role in making sure that Reggae Music does not die in Jamaica like Ska and Rock Steady,” he said. The Big One Drop Rhythm was created by one of Jamaica’s best musicians Paul Henton who is popularly known as Computer Paul.
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