UK Dancehall Artiste Dondeman Disses Delly Ranx

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UK dancehall artiste Dondeman is not afraid to rock the boat. The hard hitting singjay has released a controversial new song titled Badmind, in which he disses popular deejay Delly Ranx. Singing lines such as: New name fi badmind people yuh call dem fassy face/ from yuh know say yuh a nuh one put up yuh hand inna di air/ Delly Ranx badmind, Elephant man say mi fi bun him out straight, the artist unleashes his fury at Delly Ranx.According to Dondeman; the song is not a publicity stunt as he just wants to set things straight with Delly Ranx who he claims dissed him first.

Dondeman said what really angered him was when he realised “This song is not a publicity stunt, I did the song because I want people to know that Delly Ranx is not a straight shooter, he’s a big time liar. I met Delly Ranks in 2006 while he was on the Big Ship Tour at the Coronet, in London. At that time I had my own radio station, Attitude Radio, as DJ Don and subsequently I interviewed him to get the overseas music lovers to get to know him, as he was virtually unknown to them.

Over the following years he send me several of his songs which I promoted on the station. Since I was an upcoming artist at the time I asked him to voice me one of his projects and several promises were made none of them were kept. Delly Ranx produced a single with another UK act called Gappy Ranx and ignored him despite all that he did to promote Delly and his productions in England. Dondeman said he spoke to Delly about the matter and he was dissed by the artiste/producer who also goes by the moniker the World General. 

“I didn’t like the way that Delly Ranx dealt with me, he always needed me to help him promote his music and stuff in England and I did my best, all ever asked in return is for him to record me one of his rhythms and he just kept on conning me on and on. When I realised that he recorded Gappy I confronted him about and he dissed me. Judging from what he said to me in the conversation he never intended to help me at all.
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