I-Octane Deliver’s At Arthur Day Celebrations In Guyana

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The Arthur Day Celebrations in Guyana had an attendance of 15,000 patrons to celebrate this significant day for stout lovers all over the world.

According to Lee Baptiste, Brand Champion for Guinness in Guyana said the objective of the event was three-fold.

These included increased awareness of Arthur Guinness Day, creating an unforgettable experience for the persons attending the event and rewarding loyal Guinness consumers and recruiting new drinkers. Baptiste is confident these objectives were met.

 I-Octane delivered an ‘A’ class performance delivering hit songs such as “Lose a Friend”, “L.O.V.E Y.O.U” and “Enemy a Yard”. Guyanese Guinness adorers enjoyed the event immensely and have expressed appreciation for the entire month of activities. The Arthur Guinness Day celebrations started in 2009 when the stout celebrated its 250th anniversary. Guyana was one of four Caribbean countries hosting the event this year, the others being St Maarten, the Bahamas and Jamaica.
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