Timmi Burrell Excited About Songs On The Big One Drop Rhythm

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Reggae singer Timmi Burrell is all about making good music. Since the start of 2012 he has recorded a number of singles for various producers both locally and abroad.

Several of these singles have been released and are currently enjoying strong rotation including Every Weh Mi Go, Tek Time and the House music track Hands in the Air on the Fyah Starta rhythm which also features songs from Capleton, Tmar and Qurious.

The Negril based singer has been very busy in the studio lately working along his manager and producer Ralston Barrett on a soon to be released single titled This Love. Timmi is very excited about the song which is part of Barrett’s upcoming one drop rhythm project called the Big One Drop rhythm.  

“I’ve been doing a lot of work in the studio lately; things have been going very well for me recording wise this year. I just recorded my track on the Big One Drop rhythm, it’s a very nice song, it has very nice lovers rock vibe, the girls are gonna love it,” said the artiste. 

This Love is not Timmi’s only contribution to the project as he also wrote George Nooks’ song on the rhythm called Loving You Still. The singer described this experience as very awesome one and said he looks forward to writing more songs for George Nooks and other artistes in the future.

“I feel very good that George Nooks recorded the song I wrote for him, he’s such a great vocalist and I would like to write more songs for him in the future. When an artist of his caliber records your material it speaks well for the quality of you songwriting skills.” Timmi Burrell is also working on the completion of his debut EP that is slated to be released before the end of the year.
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