Bounty Killer to Ignite Christmas Extravaganza

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Since he emerged on the local music scene almost two decades ago, Bounty Killer has been one of the most consistent hit makers in dancehall music. He has also made his mark as one of the genres greatest stage performers. He is arguably the most enduring dancehall act of all times. He's also very controversial but like him or not one thing is for sure he is one of Dancehall's greatest icons.
 No major dancehall stage show line up is complete without Bounty Killer.

That’s why each year stage show promoter GT Taylor ensures that Bounty Killer is booked as one of the headline acts for his annual Christmas Extravaganza stage show which is slated to take place on Christmas Night at Independence Park in Black River.

In a recent interview Bounty Killer the self-proclaimed Grung Gaad said that patrons attending Christmas Extravaganza should expect nothing but greatness from him. "I plan to deliver an explosive performance for my fans at GT's show; the fans should expect nothing but greatness from the greatest. it's always good to perform for the fans outside of Kingston because they don't get to see me as often as the fans in Kingston. 

When the opportunity comes to perform for them they are always very excited, but that doesn't mean Kingston doesn't love me the same. Anywhere I perform I always deliver greatness for the fans so just come out Christmas night for greatness from the greatest at Christmas Extravaganza," said Bounty Killer. 

Bounty also said St. Elizabeth is one of his favorite parishes therefore he always looks forward to performing on Christmas Extravaganza as it is also one of his favorite events. "St. Elizabeth is one of my favorite parishes, I have very big following there and GT is our God father, so performing on his show is like a family thing so we always happy to be there to give support to Christmas Extravaganza.
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