Bramma Says December Will Be ‘Fire’

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Dancehall artiste, Bramma, says though there are only a few weeks left in the year, it's going to be 'fire'. Among his new releases is the single, It's Fire on the Bex Rhythm, produced by Ward 21, "and I have about nine new singles coming from Di Genius in a few days.

A mad ting moving into 2013," says Bramma, known for his previous singles, It's Whateva, Guided By The Master, Gal A Wine, Anyweh, Watch Over Me and more. "There's gonna be something for the ladies, songs fi di gangstas, jus' new material that everybody will be able to relate to," he continued. Bramma, whose correct name is Shawn Brammer and is also a part of the Big Ship family, says thus far he's pleased with his musical journey and is determined to take it to the next level.

"Right now I'm promoting the new single and video, Bad, and that video was directed by Michael 'Biggz" Burbridge. Both the song and the video have been receiving a lot of airplay so far and I have to give thanks for that and bless up all the fans and media for their support. I'm just staying focused and people can expect big things from Bramma and the Big Ship family in 2013," he said.
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