Christopher Martin On The Cover of SYM Magazine

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Reggae sensation Christopher Martin is featured on the cover of SYM Magazine November/December issue. SYM Magazine, meaning Symbolic, features individuals of great talent or contribution in the entertainment sector.

SYM was launched online in 2011, www.sym-magazine.com, and has maintained the ability to provide great exposure and a medium for exceptional people to express themselves to a market yearning to embrace greatness. SYM captured the New, Young, Hip, Smooth Christopher Martin from before fame through his journey of the humble reggae sensation he is today.

Christopher Martin discussed a wide range of topics in this feature, which will allow you to learn more about the Reggae sensation taking the charts by storm. Tilsa Wright, editor and chief of SYM Magazine captured the Christopher Martin from Digicel Rising Star to his hit single "Cheater's Prayer" and found the time to discuss his upcoming New York performance on Wednesday, November 28 at One Mic.  

Headed back to Jamaica after an exceptional performance last night in Belize at Toledo Sports Auditorium, Christopher Martin will only have time to change bags as he is off to Washington DC, New York and Suriname within the next two days.
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