Delly Ranx Video for The Next Chapter Near Complete!

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Despite minor scheduling setbacks caused by Hurricane Sandy, Dancehall DJ and veteran entertainer Delly Ranx was in Jamaica this past week shooting his music video for his Top 10 song The Next Chapter.

The lead song from his album of the same name, tops charts in North America, Europe and his home of Jamaica, prompting the artist to add a visual element to compliment what fans hear on the radio.

Teaming with veteran music video producer Terminal 4 Media, scenes for the video were shot at various locations throughout Kingston, and concluded with a full day of indoor shooting in front of a green screen. As if speaking to fans directly, Delly sat on a couch while reasoning with the camera, which acts as the eyes and ears of his fans. In some scenes, the artist reasons in relaxed casual attire, in other scenes, a little more formal.  

“The video is more like a story about the next chapter of my life,” said Delly while on break from shooting. “People will relate to it because as the lyrics say ‘different meditation for a different stage’ which is an experience we all have. We all go through changes especially as we mature which is what the song is about.” 

The self reflective song, which discusses changes in the artists personal and professional life, embraces a new path and direction. Transitioning from yesterday to today, Delly includes fans on the newest chapter of his journey. The song is an international success.
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