Delly Ranx Shares ‘The Next Chapter’ With The World!

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Dancehall and Reggae veteran Delly Ranx has released his music video for “The Next Chapter” and fans can’t get enough! Shot entirely on location in Kingston, Jamaica, Delly teamed with Terminal 4 Media to create a story depicting various stages of Delly’s life.

With an opening scene of a book’s pages turning, the video takes a first look at the artist speaking with a humorous impersonation of Larry King whom Delly calls ‘Harry King,’ then throws back to recording sessions in the studio. Exercising creativity, Terminal 4 Media then flashes to a family seemingly going through difficulties which is juxtaposed by a decision the male character must make: a life of fast money, or a life honoring Mommy.

“We thought it would be good to not only show off Delly, but show off a real life scenario that everyone can relate to. We all face difficulties in some way or another, so this was important for us to show.”  

An exclusive first peak of the video was shared with Delly’s closest friends and family who were so excited about the video’s outcome, Terminal 4 Media’s YouTube channel received an unprecedented number of hits in a short period of time. 

“Everyone who’s seen the video say we did a great job and that fills me with pride” said Delly from his studio in Orlando. “We want the fans to connect to the video and they have so I’m pleased.” The Next Chapter is the lead song from Delly Ranx newest studio album of the same name which was released July, 2012. 

The song is currently topping charts in North America, Europe and the artists home of Jamaica. The music video acts as the eyes and ears of his fans. The self reflective song, which discusses changes in the artists personal and professional life, embraces a new path and direction. 

Transitioning from yesterday to today, Delly includes fans on the newest chapter of his journey. The song is an international success. The 18 track disc is available on all major digital retail outlets including iTunes and Amazon. Physical format discs are available via www.dellyranx.com.
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