Khago Ascending to Dancehall Stardom

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Anyone who saw Khago’s performances at the two biggest stage shows during the yuletide season will agree that the Downsound Records recording artiste is now ascending to dancehall stardom. His performance at GT’s Christmas Extravaganza which was held on Christmas night at Independence Park in Black River, St. Elizabeth was second to none. Taking the stage in the wee hours of the morning the high riding deejay delivered a classy performance which saw him reeling off the hits such as gal Dem Tun Up Di Ting, Nah Sell Out, Daddy From Yuh Gone, Clean and Love Summer. From the moment he was introduced on stage he had the crowd in a tizzy. His every jester, his every utterance was met with huge roars of approval from the crowd.

His performance the following night at Sting was just as awesome, having performed at the event that is reputed to be the Biggest One Night Show earth before, Khago new exactly how to get the Portmore crowd going and that he did. Reeling of hit after hit he delivered a spell binding set which drew huge responses from the massive crowd inside Jam World. Both performances clearly shows that Khago who has been touted as one of the leaders of Dancehall’s Next Generation since his emergence on the seen a few years ago is clearly living up to the expectations.

In a recent interview the vibrant deejay who hails from the parish of Manchester said that he is very pleased with the appreciation the fans showed to him at both events. “A straight love and appreciation mi have the people dem enuh, mi go GT show and Sting and deliver mi best fi di people dem and dem show mi back the love, so mi haffi big up all the fans and the supporters,” said Khago. With those two major assignments out of the way Khago is currently working on a number of projects under the guidance of his manager Joe Bandonovich as he prepares for another successful year. He is also booked to perform on a number of shows both locally and abroad in 2013.
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