Khago Set to Blaze the Christmas Extravaganza Stage

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Dancehall star Khago is one of the headline acts that will perform under the ‘Still Rules’ theme on GT Taylor’s Christmas Extravaganza stage show on the 25th of December, 2012. Khago burst onto the scene in 2008 with the hit single titled Cant Cool, since then he consistently churned out hit after hit.

In a very short time he has managed to make quite an impression on dancehall fans globally with his catchy dancehall tunes and his high energy stage performances. Like most top dancehall artistes Khago who is viewed by many as a top contender for the King of the Dancehall title, has also had his fair share of controversy. Still fresh in the memories of dancehall fans is his beef with one time foe now turned friend IOctane and most recently Sizzla.  

However the hard-hitting deejay has put all that behind him and is focusing solely on building is name into an international brand under the guidance of Downsound Records CEO Josef Bandonovich.Khago recently did a string of shows in countries including Belize, Canada and the USA and is now looking forward to his upcoming performance on the annually held Christmas Extravaganza stage show which will be held at Independence Park, Black River in St. Elizabeth. 

According to Khago he plans to deliver a blazing performance on Christmas night for his fans in St. Elizabeth. “The fans know me is a artiste weh just come fi work fi dem all di time, from a stage show Khago ready fi work, win uh worry bout which other artiste deh pon di show, mi just come fi work. Mi plan fi deliver a blazing performance fi di people dem, yuh done know mi love mi country people enuh cause dem nuh bias inna music,” said Khago. Khago is also booked to appear on Sting 2012 which will be held at Jam World in Portmore on December 26th, 2012.
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