L3 Magazine January, 2013 Features - Busy Signal

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Busy Signal made international headlines when he was arrested upon returning from his European tour in May 2012. The artist made even bigger headlines when he was released in November of 2012. His charge was absconding bail, his impact – significant! Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence sat down with the artist for an intimate interview in which the artist bared his soul.

How did Busy respond when Tricia asked him “When they slam that door behind you and you are locked in darkness with only a sliver of light, what does Busy Signal think?” Find out the artists response which is intensely honest, and will shock you.

UK Pop sensation and icon, Misha B is one of the fastest rising stars not just in the UK, she’s growing in North America. Our UK editor, Portia Clarke sits down with Misha for an exclusive look into her thought process when making music as well as her fine eye for visual details. As she says ‘the visual has to match the song!’

 Fans will love Misha’s candor, especially when Portia flipped the topic of music into the topic of food! What did Portia commit Misha into cooking for her, and what’s Misha’s must have fashion piece?! Read the exclusive! The most called on name right now from the newer generation Reggae artist is Chronixx. His music connects, his performances connect and he is totally connected to his creative process. He speaks to Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence marking his first major magazine interview. Find out why performing on tracks makes the artist physically ill as opposed to performing with a band which allows his energy to flow! Rounding out the January issue, we look at the talents of Nickieshia Barnes, Jesse James and Nova Scotia’s Jazz sensation, Kirsten Olivia. We also take a fresh look at Soca through the eyes of Houston’s Fire Kyle from Rhythm International as well as Toronto’s own Soca Sweetness! Jerome Dupont of Neu Era Photography delights fans with his photoshoot of Ms. January while Jamaica’s JJ Wizzle is featured as one of the hottest DJ’s on the world map!
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