Danger Zone Rebirths With Mind Therapy

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Danger Zone Rebirth’s Mind Therapy features 13 tracks with some of the newest and best in the music business. The one drop compilation is headlined by Vybz Kartel with Jah Watch Over Me and Capleton with Have to Sew. There is also Natty King with Press on, Chuck Fenda with No Detour, Turbulance with I will Always Be, Coco Tea with Gone Away and Jigsy King with Cant Get To Use You.

Mind Therapy also features some of the new talented voices in Reggae music such as Cressy with Fading Away, Ras Charmer with Show Them Love, Hero and Peas Head with Better Mus Come, Iba Mahr with She Cries and the new Danger Zone Rebirth star Shanhill with What You Don’t Know.

Drummond says the riddim features a balanced mix of Lovers rock and cultural songs; songs of love and songs which will stir the social consciousness of listeners. He says the riddim also has a good mix of veterans and fresh voices: “There are a few newer voices on the riddim especially Shanhill who brings a new vibe and sound from the belly of the inner city. She is a very talented artiste and we are not going to limit where she can go. Her birth in the music comes through us and we will guide her and watch her grow”  

Danger Zone, which was always known for quality production seeks to bring back that expertise and attention to detail to the music business and to enhance that legacy has partnered with Christopher “Bex” Beckman who brings a new brand of professionalism and business expertise to the team. Drummond says Danger Zone Rebirth will be going all out in terms of production quality: “We have always ensured that our production brings a message and is above the standard. 

That was what set us apart from the competition and gave us recognition internationally. Our motto is Never Compete Just Conquer and fans can expect, based on this charge, that the standards will be maintained. Danger Zone Rebirth’s Mind Therapy will premier this week on local radio and the compilation is also available on iTunes and in other digital markets.
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