Delly Ranx Begins 2013 Planning Live Performances

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2012 was a great year for Reggae and Dancehall artist Delly Ranx, and 2013 sees the artist planning a series of live performances backed by his band the Ranx Machine. The July 2012 release of his chart topping album The Next Chapter was revered as one of the best albums of 2012.

The material, largely Reggae in genre, received widespread airplay in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe. The title track has been a chart topper in Jamaica and the album itself held the #1 spot for several weeks on Richie B’s Best Reggae Album chart.

High profile radio disc jockeys DJ Smurf and ZJ Liquid placed “Got it Forever” and “The Next Chapter” in regular rotation on their programs. The rotation has led to several of Delly’s fans requesting to see the artist perform his Reggae material backed by a live band.  

The music video for “The Next Chapter” was released in the middle of December. Shot entirely on location in Kingston, Jamaica, Delly teamed with Terminal 4 Media to create a story depicting various stages of Delly’s life. 

With an opening scene of a book’s pages turning, the video takes a first look at the artist speaking with a humorous impersonation of Larry King whom Delly calls ‘Harry King,’ then throws back to recording sessions in the studio. “The feedback that I received with the release of the album, and with the release of the video was better than I expected. 

The album is a reflection of my maturity as an artist, and the fans have gravitated to the message that we are all entering into ‘the next chapter’ in our lives,” said the artist during a rehearsal with his band. As the artist grows to include a solid Reggae catalog to add to his impressive Dancehall discography, Delly remains focused on giving the people good music for the world to enjoy. The artist will begin his series of live performances beginning in March, 2013 which will focus on intimate venues across the US, Canada and the Caribbean.
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