I-Octane Laments About 'Getting Bun' In New Single

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He confesses, "mi nah spen nuh time wid mi gyal an mi gyal a gimmi bun," something that quite a few artistes within the music industry may easily be able to identify with.

Does anyone in particular come to mind? Nevertheless, I-Octane's latest single, 'Gal A Gimmi Bun' is a song that artistes and fans in general should be able to relate to, as it touches on a topic that is like common assault in today's society.

In the single, I-Octane takes on the role of none other than an artiste who is kept busy with his work, doing shows and tours all across the world, but in the process, is denied the opportunity to spend quality time with his female companion, which ultimately leads her to become unfaithful.  

The single, which is produced by Seanizzle Records and Black Shadow, will certainly captivate the attention of listeners, as I-Octane confesses that the song, "is a true life story for many, as people all over the globe experience it." However, despite the seriousness of the situation, Octane says, "it's a really fun song," and the way in which the message is brought across, "everybody weh hear it say it mek dem laugh." 

According to Octane, "It’s been a while since an artiste come out with a song weh fun. Mad Andrew and KipRich used to do fun songs. The music nowadays is violent and hardcore. So mi just decide fi do something different and the feedback has been positive so far." 

In addition to this spanking new single from I-Octane, the artiste is also enjoying some heavy rotation on radio since the start of 2013 with singles like 'Wonderful Feeling' (Rasta Love) featuring Queen Ifrica, produced by Young Blood Records, 'Do Road Rough', produced by Markus Records and 'Stay Above Crime' which was produced by So Unique Records.
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