It’s the Freeway and Beyond for Singer Droop Lion

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It has long been accepted that music moves in cycles, and critics are pointing to a powerful revolution in the year 2013, as cultural lyrics seem set to dominate. Among the artistes destined to rise to this momentous musical occasion is a reggae singer named Droop Lion. Confident and empowered lyrically and linguistically, this Rastafarian standard-bearer has been making his presence felt musically for a minute, and he is eager to made an indelible mark in this music.

Droop Lion, who performed at Sting as a member of The Fantastic Four, which also featured Iba Mahr, Chronixx and Jahsent, is the embodiment of this not-to-be-ignored crop of talented acts ready for the spotlight. His signature single, Freeway, dominated FM radio for several months in 2012, however, in an interesting twist, some person who were gustily singing the song were unable to put a face to the single.  

“One of the things that I had to get used to was the fact that people who love the song always express surprise when seeing me in the flesh,” Droop laughed. “They usually say they thought I was older because of my voice and they also comment that they thought I was bigger in body,” the singer with the memorable voice states. With 2013 opening its doors, Droop Lion is happy that the people are ready to receive him. “I am one of the youths to bring this new paradigm and right now my antennas are up and I am preparing myself to do a good job,” states the singer who pays tribute to Seretse Small, Mallory Williams, Allah and Clive Hunt as some of the persons in the business who have contributed to his career. 

Cognizant of the important role of the elders in the business, Droop Lion never shies away from an opportunity to sit at their feet and drink in the knowledge they have to impart, and it is this attitude, that many say, is leading to his inevitable success. “I want to do the real thing and bring back the music to the real foundation feel. I want to immerse myself with the elders…they are the roots, they have trod this path before and they know it better than we, so who better to learn from?” he questioned. 

Having set the pace with Freeway, another single, which is now receiving some love on the airwaves is, Pray for Them, a song he says he penned after a flood a few years ago, which saw two men being washed away in the Sandy Gully. For Droop Lion, who pens all his lyrics, he is not short on inspiration as "it's all around". “I just pray that Jah keeps me balanced so that I can always sing some inspiring songs for people…I want to give solutions to the people,” states the singer, who is represented by Free People Music. 

Other standout songs include Lockdown, a song of protest against police brutality, and Long Way Down, a critique of the intelligent political leaders who have failed the nation with their corrupt policies and greed, and the terrible choices that poverty often forces on the downtrodden and deprived. “Most of the songs are based on the ‘livity’ in society, the common movements which shows that the people’s brains are in a lapse and mek poor choices and sell their souls. 

I want music to be real, I have to sing about the real issues that take place in the society,” Droop explained. Born September 15, 1980 in the parish of St. Mary Jamaica, to Inez Aikens and Vivian Brown, Andrew Brown aka Droop Lion grew up in the tough, gritty shanties of Kingston. He lost his mother to gun violence when he was just nine months old. He turned to music to express himself and make a spiritual connection with the universe. At a young age under the guidance of his grandmother, he vowed to stick to the conscious path and not compromise in order to achieve success. Now ready to harness that success, Droop Lion remain committed, focused and ready to take charge.
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