Marnia "Stretch Out" has Nothing to do with I-Octane, Say Khago

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Dancehall star Khago says his latest hit single title Marina Stretch Out is not a counteraction for IOctane’s popular single called Gal A Gi Bun. “Marina Strecth Out nuh have nutten fi do wid Octane song, all a wi a artiste an every man have the ability to create music dat will catch the people attention, Octane sey him girl a gi bun and mi sey a me mek dem marina stretch out, mi nuh seeh no problem wid dat, but some man a come gwaan like sey a him mi a drop wud fah. A just music mi a do fi mi people dem and dem love it,” said Khago.

Khago also expressed concerns about criticism coming from certain quarters in the industry about his ability to continue being a major force in dancehall music. “A whole heap a people a talk bout Khago boil dung inna di business, 2012 was di busiest year of my life, every week mi fly out, mi nuh stop do shows all over the world. Mi all hear dem a sey mi inna worst dress list mi nuh worry bout dat, cause mi have mi own style. Mi style simple white t-shirt, marina, baseball cap, sneakers and mi jeans and mi good.

Mi dress the same way most of mi fans dress very simple and it’s a urban look, check out Jay Z and a lot of di other big hip hop stars dem nuh fussy, a because mi is a youth weh no hype pon people mek nuff a di fans dem love Khago.” The easy going deejay who is managed by entertainment mogul Joe Bandonovich of Downsound Records is currently focused on the completion of his debut album which is slated to be released later this year. 

“Right now mi a focus on mi album, its di first one and we gonna mek sure it’s a hit, it haffi be something special for the people, said Khago. Khago is also getting ready to drop the music video for his hit single titled Road Dawg on Markus Myrie’s hot Bar Bounce rhythm. The video which was directed by top flight music video director Wayne South will be released before the end of January.
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