Master One Productions Set to Release Cool Shade Rhythm

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Master One Productions CEO Jyorken Kennedy is brimming with confidence about his latest rhythm project called the Cool Shade rhythm. According to him he believes that the project that features songs from Richie Spice, Anthony B, Lukie D, Teflon, Junior X and Tydal has what it takes to be a worldwide success. “I’m getting ready to release a very good one drop project called the Cool Shade rhythm, we have some great songs on the rhythm from some of Jamaica’s best reggae acts. I know people all over the world are gonna love these songs.”

He also stated that his company which was launched locally over a year ago is totally dedicated to making quality music. “Master One Productions is all about good quality music, that has been my commitment from the get go, everything we do has to be done properly. Right now reggae music is coming back strongly, there’s a new reggae movement and Master One Productions is gonna play its part in the movement,” said Mr. Kennedy. The Cool shade rhythm also features songs from Omarri, Fayakin, Tony Frass, D’Koncep and Akeem Garrison. The project will be released on Itunes and all other leading internet music stores on the 21st of January.
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