Mighty Crown Gets Reloaded on 'THE DRIVING FORCE TOUR'

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Avid fans of Mighty Crown "The Far East Rulers," including both Dancehall consumers and promoters alike, have been requesting the sound on the tour circuit for quite some time now. The wishes of the massive have been answered, as after a brief hiatus from the performance scene, Mighty Crown is returning with a music mission on "The Driving Force Tour," offering fans a full-fledged stage show experience.

Why the "The Driving Force" you ask? Because at the root of all of Mighty Crown's burgeoning success and accomplishments, including several endorsement deals, sold-out stadium shows, sneakers, clothing lines, a booming record label, stores, a magazine and more, lies MUSIC. Frankly, it's Crown's "DRIVING" force!

"Mighty Crown recently took a break to pursue business opportunities, as well as redefine their overall approach to entertainment," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne, manager of Mighty Crown confidently. "After more than a decade of global visibility, it becomes essential for one to adapt to changing times, as the key to success is rooted in relevancy." Bourne adds "Mighty Crown will push forward in 2013, transforming their once common DJ set to a complete concert-style show -- similar to what thousands witnessed during their explosive performance at the famed Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY at the close of 2012. 

Armed with the best damn stage show one will encounter in the modern day sound system arena, set for the months of March and April, with "THE DRIVING FORCE TOUR" these Japanese sound gurus, are aiming to touch down in more than 20 cities in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean.To date, more than 50% of these dates are booked Additionally, a U.K. and greater European leg of "THE DRIVING FORCE TOUR" will commence at the end of May, allowing Mighty Crown to entertain several thousand fans. Never forgetting what "DRIVES" everything they have amassed over the course of their career, Mighty Crown is showing their unlimited appreciation for MUSIC on this tour.
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