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Dellon Tappin A.K.A Telescope already has produced one album titled ‘LOOK AGAIN’ that features 13 tracks which are making rotations on radio stations in several countries including Canada. They include No Man's Puppet, Thanks Mama, What is the Tension and Back Stabbers to name a few.

At present he is working on a second album titled “Diary of a Human Being” and already some of the pre-released singles such as Man Running down Vanity, Diary of a Human Being, Message to my child’s mother, and Tax Man have been making the rounds with favorable comments.

But beyond his singing that seems laced with language that does not glorify violence nor berates women in anyway, he’s also a budding writer on the verge of publishing VOL. 1 of 3 of his first book called “In This World but Not of This World”.  

“My life’s mission is to insert a love virus within the human race that can only be cured by extreme love”. And he further explains that while some might view that as bordering on crazy he said, his songs of redemption speak for themselves and can be heard at www.telescopeent.com. “I get my musical inspiration from day to day human interaction that comes mainly from how we handle ourselves with the situations we face”. 

He adds that “With my scope, the words I choose in my songs can change the way a man looks at life, because to me, it’s like a glass of water, and just as instinct causes a thirsty person to drink, so will those who view my music as more than just a beat”. Humbly speaking from Telescope, he sees himself as an advisor in spiritual consciousness with words and instruments musically and said “Some call it conscious music, some say roots music, I call it sharing what I see. 

As he moves forward on his quest, he said individuals trying to get into music must understand that “Music is spiritual, not a vanity thing, so if you're not in it towards redemption, don't waste your time towards ladders with no steps”….Telescope. On behalf of “Team Telescope” please enjoy the free pre-release tracks given here as a “Thank You”.
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