Aima Moses Completes Video Shoot and Promotional Blitz in Jamaica

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Emerging Dominican reggae artiste Aima Moses recently completed a video shoot as well as a promotional blitz in the island. The talented singer teamed with noted video director Dameon Gayle for the video Make it One Day, a song which has been impacting on FM radio. In a release to the media, Moses spoke about the video shoot as well as the promotional blitz. 'The media roll was good and progressive.

Every interview went smooth and on point. Just being able to bring my name and music to the ears of new audiences, is always wonderful', said Moses. While in the island, Moses did interviews with Sun City Radio, ZIP 103 FM, Nationwide Radio, Hype TV and TVJ's Intense. He also utilized the opportunity to reach out to other stations introducing key industry players to his work.

'It was a joy to know that some Jamaican people in the streets knew my name and the work that I have been doing, so I give thanks for that. Big respect to media in Jamaica', Moses added. The Make it One Day single has been well received while he was in the island and he is confident that fans will embrace the video once it is released. 'The video was shot at various locations including New Kingston and Waterhouse. 

It went really well and I give thanks for the support of the people who took part in the project', said Moses. The concept of the video is about the struggles of persons living in the ghettos and how they survive each day. 'We are looking forward to a good video that people all over the world can relate to, the same way they have been relating to the song', Moses concluded.Make it One Day is taken from Aima Moses' forthcoming debut album which is being produced by Adrian Hanson for Donsome Records.
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