Dubtonic Kru Mahr Go Somewhere Inna Africa

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Acclaimed reggae band Dubtonic Kru and respected reggae vocalist Iba Mahr have decided to go Somewhere Inna Africa for Black History Month on the Motherland Riddim. The track, which is to be released this week, is the collaborators' effort to sensitize their fans on black history and is a fitting addition to the Black History Month playlists.

Delmar Drummond, head of Danger Zone Rebirth says, “The collaboration between Danger Zone Rebirth and Dubtonic Crew has been long in coming with our evolution taking a similar course as theirs. My mentor John McKinley, of Di Kru Productions, is one of the founders of the band and I have always had a close affiliation with the band so this project is a natural development in both our evolution.”  

The riddim is produced by Dubtonic Kru, Delmar Drummond and Di Kru Productions. It features Iba Mahr whose black consciousness is well known and respected not only in Jamaica but the African continent as well. The song which is the collaborations ode to black history month seeks to lift the knowledge and understanding of the homeland in the minds of their fans while at the same time celebrating to achievements and heritage of the motherland. 

 Luke Dixon keyboardist from Dubtonic Kru revealed that, "Somewhere Inna Africa is about our connection to the motherland and we wanted to proclaim that that is our home. We may not know our tribes but Africa is the connection that joins us all together. The greatness of the motherland is clear and we just wanted make people aware of themselves, their value and their history for Black History Month.” 

Dixon says Dubtonic Kru is working on an album separate from this project but plans to release more singles over the coming months through the collaboration with Danger Zone Rebirth.. Somewhere Inna Africa will premier in Africa and Worldwide this week in celebration of Black History Month.
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