February 2013 Issue Of Tripple The Focus With Asafa Powell

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February is a busy month. With events such as Reggae month in Jamaica, Black History Month, Bob Marley Birthday celebrations globally, Superbowl, NYC Fashion Week, Grammy Awards, The Oscars and of course Valentine's Day, the shortest month of the year seems to be the most monumental with milestone events and celebrations.

Not so much on a grand scale is our own milestone - the second February issue that we are embarking on and we are celebrating in fine style with none other than Track and Field mega star, ASAFA POWELL, on the cover. Last year Actor LEON held that position and we got quite a few emails from our readers who enjoyed his feature. No doubt the reception will be the same for Asafa as we delve into his life on and off the track.

As an added bonus LEON took some time out of his busy filming and recording schedule to update us on what he's been up to. Of course this issue would not be complete without fashion, travel, lifestyle and entertainment in the form of our many features. While we focused heavily on Valentine's Day last year, this year we thought we would stick with things that you the reader face on a day to day basis such as, Money Matters, Vacation ideas, shopping etc. By now we hope that Triple the Focus is your monthly treat, one that rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit. Until next time, walk good!
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