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Although he is not yet a household name reggae singer Hezron is not one bit worried about achieving the reggae star status which many music industry insiders think he deserves. “I don’t do music for the hype or the popularity, every artiste wants to be successful that’s a must, but success cannot be the only motivation for making music. I’m more concerned about the quality of the music, I am more concerned about the message within the music, my music has to have meaning, it has to have heart and soul in it.

I know that once the music is good then everything else will come, said Hezron. It’s been five years since the baritone voice singer who is often compared to the likes of Beres Hammond because of his raspy vocal style moved back to Jamaica to pursue his musical dreams. Before that Hezron spent a number of years in the US where he was very active on the R&B music scene both as a performer and a recording artiste. “A lot of people don’t know that before I came back home I was doing R&B music in America, I could have stayed there doing that but I knew in my heart that I had to return to my roots because reggae music is my true calling, that’s why I came home.”  

R&B’s lost is reggae’s gain, Hezron is a superb singer, songwriter, arranger and musician who has the ability to pen and sing soul stirring ballads and thought provoking social commentary. It is his unique style of blending musical styles and sounds that has enabled him to connect with music lovers from all walks of life. “I write my music from my heart, many people want to classify me as a lovers rock singer but my music is more than just that because I can’t sing love songs alone, I have to sing for the people in the streets of the ghettos in Jamaican and all over the world. 

People are suffering all around us and sometimes the only thing that can give them hope and give them comfort is the music, so I can’t sing love songs alone.” Hezron who is emerging as the new voice of consciousness in the Jamaican music is currently enjoying much attention with a string of hits including Can’t Come Between, Forever & Always, Those Days and We Can Feel Alive. He is also getting ready to drop his debut album titled The Life I Live(d) which is slated to be released before summer. The album will be preceded by the release of an EP which will be produced by Tads International Records and a single titled Hustle Haffi Gwaan.
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