Protoje Exposed After Eight Years Affair

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Protoje’s seven years itch, left fans waiting with bated breath for a follow-up to his fledgling flame. Still, no one anticipated that his eight years affair would spread like wildfire. With his mastery of storytelling, hypnotic riddims and astounding ability to engage the minds of listeners, Protoje has finally begun to truly reap the rewards of his love affair with music within a week of launching his sophomore album, The 8 Year Affair.

The album has transcended expectations. No sooner had it been launched than it quickly dominated iTunes and the Billboards. On the iTunes Reggae Charts, the album shot to the #2 spot in Germany, behind well known German band, Seeed.

It sits rather comfortably in the #3 spot in the USA, right behind Jimmy Cliff’s Grammy winning album, Rebirth and Reggae King, Bob Marley’s Legend (Deluxe Edition)and Legend (Remastered), both of which hold the #2 and #1 spot respectively.

The album has also climbed its way to the top 10 spots in countries such as: France, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and Switzerland. Even the Billboard has shown its approval. Protoje was recognized as one of the fastest accelerating artists during the past week, across all major social music sites and statistically predicted to achieve success when his album found it way on to the Billboard’s ‘Next Big Sound’ chart at the #4 slot.
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