Tommy Lee Sparta Shuts Down Scammer Endorsement

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Recording artiste Tommy lee Sparta disassociates himself from an individual claiming membership to his Sparta unit. The artiste uses the Sparta moniker, image and Tommy Lee’s vocals in a signature introduction (SPARTA…Yow!) to mislead the public. Several videos are posted to popular online community YouTube with the song that sends a negative message, which Tommy Lee does not support.

In response Tommy Lee Sparta issued the following statement, “ I believe in working for what you want. I do not support any fraud of innocent people. The artiste that is using the name Sparta to sing about scamming is jus looking a lilley hype.

He is an imposter mi nuh know him.” Tommy Lee Sparta is totally opposed to the illegal practice of scamming and wants no affiliation to this individual whom he has never met. Arrangements are being made with You Tube to have these videos permanently blocked.
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