Danger Zone Rebirth Signs Shanhill

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Record label and production house Danger Zone Rebirth recently signed up and coming female artiste Shanhill.

The singjay who hails from the Red Hills road area of Kingston, has been knocking on the doors of stardom over the past few years.

She sees the collaboration with Danger Zone Rebirth as a move in the right direction career wise.

‘I like the way things are going right now. It has been a rough journey and having worked with several persons before who really didn’t understand my talent and my sound, it feels good to be working with a team who understand what I am about’, Shanhill said in a release to the media.

 Shanhill’s latest single You Don’t Know produced by Danger Zone Rebirth and written by Marvin Williams, is testimony to her talent and potential as a recording artiste. The song speaks about a female involved in an abusive relationship which she eventually gets out of. 

The response to the song has been nothing short of positive. ‘Well, everybody like the song and they like the story behind it. People have come up to me and said they have been in similar situations and that the song has inspired them’, Shanhill explained. Born Shanhill Lamey, she grew up in the Dunmair area and attended Pembroke Hall High. Prior to getting involved in music, she had hopes of becoming an actress or a model. ‘I love to model but I am a unique artiste and I have lots of new ideas that I want to bring to the music. I want to take it to a different level’, Shanhill revealed. 

She has done work with Lady Saw as well as Marvin Williams from Voiceful Records. She points out that being a female in a male dominated industry; she has experienced a lot of difficulties. ‘It has been hard for my voice to be heard. Most producers want to sleep with you so I had to stop doing music for a while because I couldn’t deal with it’, she said. Shanhill lists Etana and Rihanna among her musical influences.
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