Destiny Sparta Releases New Music

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Destiny Sparta has released her single titled, O.M.G. (Hide and Touch Him). The track is apart of the popular Good Good productions', Freezing Point Riddim.

This compilation is presently hot on most playlists with it's main feature from ace deejay, Konshens with his hit track, “I’m Coming” (No Hesitation).

According to Destiny, “There is a special energy when working with Good Good Productions. The result is no surprise. They also produced Mechanic and it’s a major hit on YouTube. The sales are doing just as great.”

Destiny has been getting a lot of attention from her single, Mechanic.

This song is a counteraction to Tommy Lee Sparta’s, which has the same title. Both are notorious on the club and under ground music scene.  

Another hot new release from the artiste that has been shaking up the night party scene is L.O.V.E. This single is now available on Google Play via The Britjam Riddim. A video is currently in production stage and will be available soon. 

Destiny came to prominence via The Magnum Kings and Queens Of Dancehall competition, where she was placed second. Her real name is Kimberly Cuvilie. And she hails from the second city, Montego Bay. Destiny is quite appreciative of the responses she has been receiving so far from her new songs and is looking forward to a bright 2013.
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