Jamaican Producer Shot And Almost Killed

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Jamaican producer, Sheldon Williams recently got together with California based pop star, Orisha Sound, as he was contracted to produce some Reggae songs on her upcoming album. One of the tracks they were working on was a collaboration with Reggae/Dancehall star Sizzla Kalonji entitled “embrace it”.

On the morning of Sunday, February 17th at approximately 12:30AM while the two were leaving a salon at Pavillion Mall (in Half Way Tree), they were robbed at gun point and Sheldon was shot once while Orisha Sound managed to escape (this was her second trip to Jamaica). Sheldon, also known as Shel K spent a week in the Kingston Public Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet and continued his recuperation at home once he was discharged.

Both Shel K and Orisha Sound recounts that the reason they were at the salon so late is that they were getting ready to shoot the video with Sizzla Kalonji the following day and time was of the essence. They believe that persons in the salon over heard them speaking and assumed that they had a lot of money on them and as a result arranged the robbery. Though both Shel K and Orisha had their laptops and other costly gadgets on them, all the robbers took was $40,000 Jamaican dollars.  

Determined not to lose this opportunity, Shel K immediately got back to work once he was able to. Now weeks later, all three songs are complete and ready for release. Universal Records, Orisha Sound’s record label, is ok with the Reggae songs being released to the public ahead of the full length album. 
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