JDK Records Signs Jamaican Artists

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Canadian based record label JDK Records is getting ready to make a very serious impact on the local music scene. The label which is owned by Guyanese born Canadian business man Junior Weeks recently signed three very talented local acts Gevano, Steve Tulloch and Tuffy Melody.

Weeks who is known in music circles as Benz Man says that he and his team plans to work diligently with his roster of newly signed acts in order to make all of them into household names in Jamaica and then take them onto the international music scene. “We plan to work hard with these artistes and take them to the highest levels in the music business in Jamaica and then we will focus on establishing them abroad.

It’s gonna take a lot of hard work, but I know we can do it because this crop of artistes are very talented,” said Mr. Weeks. According to Mr. Weeks his recent trip to Jamaica to sign the artistes was very productive as it allowed him time to take in the local culture and work with his artistes on a number of projects.

 “Our little trip to Jamaica was very fulfilling we had a very good time, we held a nice signing party to celebrate the signing of the artistes. We also worked on a number of projects with the artistes while we there, including the shooting of a video for Gevano’s new single titled called Can’t Believe, while we were there.” 

He also stated that JDK Records plans to release a number of projects featuring Gevano, Tuffy Melody and Steve Tulloch over the next few months. “We plan to drop a number of projects from our artistes over the next few months. 

We are currently promoting the video for Gevano’s song and it’s already getting rotation on HYPE Tv and a number of other TV stations.
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