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King Addies' new management team Irish and Chin will launch their marketing efforts by surprising hardcore dancehall patrons with special guest appearances of the "KING" sound on the Mighty Crown "Driving Force" tour. These appearances are planned for select cities only and will not be all out performances for King Addies. There will be "meet and greets," which will feature short juggling sets by the sound's current selectors.

The goal of these select appearances is to reintroduce King Addies to their diehard fanbase and also to spark the interest of today's young Dancehall lovers. King Addies touching the road with Mighty Crown is just a taste of what is to come in the future.

Currently, Irish and Chin is in the middle of making plans for King Addies to tour on their own. There is great anticipation for this tour, which will consist of both juggling and high profile events. The first stop will be Europe.

 "The marketing plan for King Addies is not one to be rushed. By no means are we aiming to create an overnight buzz for King Addies," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne, King Addies manager. "Rather, we seek to execute a marketing strategy that will allow longevity, prosperity and global visibility. Doing so will take time and consistent efforts of the whole team." 

One of the most unique things about King Addies is that their legacy attracts fans of all ages. While the newer members familiarize the younger generation with the King Addies brand, legendary selector and member Danny Dread will uphold and entertain the sound's foundation audience. One can also look forward to seeing Danny Dread touring on the King Addies sound 'rub-a-dub' style .
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