Phed X Teams Up With Ed Robinson

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His biggest hit to date is Welcome to Guyana, a track that was done to show respect and love for his homeland of Guyana. But Churaman Sukhram aka Phed X is looking to widen his fan base and achieve greater success with his soon to be released single titled Dancehall Nice Again. “Welcome To Guyana is the tune that really put me out there you know, the people in Guyana love that song a lot.

But it’s time to hit the fans with something hot again, don’t get me wrong Welcome To Guyana will always be a special tune, it was done for the people of my country, now I want to take my career to a wider market with my new single called Dancehall Nice Again.” With veteran musician and producer Ed Robinson handling the production of Dancehall Nice Again Phed X is very confident that it will be a hit.  

“I’ve hired Ed Robinson to produce this project, he’s a musical genius, I really like working with him, he created the rhythm and recorded the vocals, only thing left for him to do is the mixing. I can’t wait until its finished, I really want to drop it for the fans, I know they are going to love it,” said the artiste.

Phed X says once the single is released he plans to record a number of other artistes on the rhythm that Dancehall Nice Again was recorded. “After I drop my song, I’m going to record a few more people on the same rhythm in order to create a juggling for the dancehall.” Dancehall Nice Again will be released on Itunes and all other leading music stores before the end of April.
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