Steve Tulloch Teams Up With Canadian Record Label

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Steve Tulloch has long been described by his fans as a golden voice, but despite being talented and charismatic, success has eluded him for many years. However the veteran reggae singer who began his career in the late 70’s by recording for producers such as the legendary clement Coxsone Dodd and Junjo Lawes is still hopeful that he will become a household name in reggae music.

“I started singing when I was a teenaged youth, but I was kinda shy in those days and I didn’t push hard enough to be in the lime light, but over the years I’ve kept on doing music because I love it so much. There’s a saying that goes like this, only the strong survive. A lot of people would give up on their dreams but I just keep on going after mine because I know that one day I will make it,” said the artiste. Now singed with Canadian based record label JDK Records Steve is extremely confident that the success he yearns for will be achieved.

“Being signed with JDK and working with Benz Man and Bobby Crisas has given me a really positive feeling, I can tell based on the work that we’ve done so far that a lot of positive things are going to happen.” His latest single titled Leave The Children which was produced by Bobby Crisas for JDK Records is currently getting a lot of attention. 

"I did this song after a friend of mine shared his concern about the level of child abuse in our society and other parts of the world, he encouraged me to do a song about it. Since its release it has been getting a lot of rotation and I am very happy for that.” A music video is currently in the works for Leave The Children.
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