Andrew Smash& Seegobin Presents The Star Dance Riddim

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The Star Dance Riddim offers music lovers a hybrid of electronica, dance and soca music, bringing the ultimate Caribbean-pop fusion sounds for your party playlist.

Star Dance Riddim is distributed by Precision Digital and will be available worldwide on all major digital retailers on April 30, 2013, with pre-order available now.

Combining his exotic Trinidadian roots with a very proper English upbringing, producer Ashwin "Smash" Seegobin is the newest member of the Precision Productions team, and has spun a musical web with this compilation, seductively enticing listeners from the Caribbean to across the pond and beyond.  

Star Dance Riddim is an energetic culmination of 18 months of careful training as a producer and engineer at Precision Productions for Smash. With soca and mainstream dance music having the strongest impact on him, this riddim melds the music of Trinidad and Tobago with the throbbing energies he experienced in London, resulting in an eclectic mix of melodies that only such a diverse background could generate. 

Emboldened by his previous release, the Cosmic Riddim from J-Rod Records, Smash enlisted a range of talented voices to give flight to his tuneful ambitions. They include the very-Caribbean cast of Tian Winter, Cherise Ransome, Fireball, Ricardo Drue featuring Crissanji, and Nikisha. This thrilling blend of production work combined with such gifted artists will certainly secure the Star Dance Riddim a place on international playlists and charts, as well as in the hearts of music lovers, everywhere. The Star Dance Riddim album will be available worldwide on April 30, 2013 from all major digital retailers and is distributed by Precision Digital. 


1. Cherise Ransome - Unstoppable
2. Ricardo Drue Ft. Crissanji - Free
3. Nikisha - Supernova (We Are the Stars)
4. Tian Winter - Dancing With The Stars
5. Fireball - Beautiful
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