Anthony B Partners with Jyorken Kennedy

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Born Fyah recording artiste Anthony B has inked a management contract with Jyorken Kennedy of Master One Productions, effectively establishing a business partnership that Anthony B hopes will propel him to the next stratosphere in the world of music.

"This move is a necessary one to bring stability to my business affairs; I need intellectual people who have a good business and music sense who can work off their own initiative and that is Jyorken Kennedy.

He has a proven record as a business executive. This will help me create a platform to discover and develop younger artistes," Anthony B said in a release.

 "I want to create the next Jimmy Cliff, the next Burning Spear. There are a lot of young Beenies and Bountys and Elephant Man out there but there is a need to strengthen the reggae side of the music, or we will lose it. We have a gold mine, and we ah settle for washover gold and copper. We need to wake up," Anthony B said. Master One Productions will take over exclusive bookings of Anthony B, and will also serve as the distribution agent for the artiste's upcoming Rasta Love album. Claude Mills will handle publicity for Anthony B and Master One Productions. 

"Anthony B is a major reggae superstar, arguably the best live performer in reggae-dancehall today. He has the potential to champion reggae to the world, and this partnership will realize great things. Master One artiste Tydal will be touring with Anthony B in May, and we plan to step up his presence in the marketplace in terms of production, marketing and merchandising," Kennedy said. The lead single from the album, a monster hit song called My Yes And My No is already a hit on the reggae circuit in Europe. 

"I performed that song for 29 minutes straight at a festival n Germany a few months ago. The people loved it, dem a bawl fi it, wherever I go, people request it, after mi sing the first chorus, ah the crowd ah sing the second verse and the chorus, dem tek over the song. This song has the potential to be the next She's Royal, an authentic love song," Anthony B said. 

Anthony B is expected to perform at all the major festivals this Summer in Europe. "I had to cancel my club dates in Europe because of my legal and immigration issues which all the promoters are aware of, so I just want to apologies to my fans for that, but Anthony B will be in Europe this Summer, my management will ensure that happens," he said.
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