Bobby Tenna Does DanceHall

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Firebrand reggae singer Bobby Tenna who is known for his hard hitting cultural songs recently released his first dancehall single titled Me Mumma. The song which was recorded on the sizzling up tempo Me Mumma rhythm is creating a quite a buzz on local airwaves.

It is currently receiving heavy rotation from a number of top jocks including IRIE FM’s Big A & Ron Muschette. Bobby Tenna said he is cognizant of the fact that many of his fans might be a bit surprised that he has done a dancehall single, but he is not worried that they will be put off by it, because they already love him as an artiste.

“I think most of my fans will love my new single, because my fans love me as an artiste, and my real fans know that I am not defined by categories or genres. I am unpredictable; I do not want to be defined. I love music, many types of music move me at different times,” said Bobby Tenna.  

He also added, “I did this project because I wanted to do something different from what I have always been doing. I wanted to make music that was more upbeat, I used to sing dancehall songs back in the days when I used to perform on the hotel circuit in Jamaica and I missed the upbeat vibes. It was like a part of me that was missing for a long time.” According to the soft spoken singer Me Mumma is about the teachings his great-grandmother instilled in him while growing up in the country. “As a youth growing up with my granny she used to tell me certain things like mind what you eat, be careful how you walk, the typical things a good grandmother would tell a child. 

She did these things to protect me because she loved me, even today I still uphold the principles she thought me,” said the artiste. The Me Mumma rhythm was created by Bobby Tenna and also features songs from several other artistes including Lady Saw, Elephant Man, IOctane, Silver Cat, Chuck Fender, Kashu, Sagitarr and Doolas that were produced and arranged by him. “After I recorded my song we listened to the rhythm and decided to record some other artistes on it. 

We chose artistes that fit the sound of the project, so we reached out to them and they liked the vibes. When we are producing a project we don’t select artistes to work with based on names, for us it is about talent and the quality of the songs. In my opinion everyone on the Me Mumma rhythm bring a good vibes.”
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