Downsound Records Releases Statment About Khago's Departure from DSR Roster

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The Trouble inside Rotten Head

"For the record, we here at Downsound Records didn't want to make any official statement about the recent departure of former DSR artist Khago from the DSR roster. To be honest, we've been just a bit too busy to respond to his various claims in the local media and admittedly quite happy that we no longer have to actually see him around the studio.

But after his latest stunt on CVM's Onstage, we just couldn't resist. According to Khago he was still signed to Bankey while signing his agreement with DSR. Maybe Khago should tell us whether Bankey was getting his commission as manager. Indeed, unprofessional artists are nothing new in this business, so when Khago began his disrespectful ranting against DSR - we simply shook our heads and let him take as much rope as he wanted.

And yet, despite Khago's initial untruths to the media, not even we at DSR could be prepared for the amount of shots Rotten Head was able to fire into his own foot on this week's CVM's Onstage. Seeing is believing...but we still don't believe it (especially those math skills). Enjoy the clip...we sure did.
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