Hezron Shows Versatility with New Singles

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Topflight reggae singer Hezron is surging forward with his career. The baritone voice singer whose hits include Can’t Come Between, Forever & Always, We Can feel Alive, Those Days & She’s All Woman recently won the Male Culture Artiste of the Year award at the Linkage Awards in New York.

In a release to the press Hezron signaled his intentions to take his career in a new direction. “A lot of people are talking about my music, some say I am a lovers rock singer, but there’s much more to Hezron than just love songs, don’t get me wrong I enjoy singing the love songs for the ladies”, said the artiste.

Hezron recently released two brand new singles, Can’t Take Pressure and Hustle Haffi Gwaan, both songs tackle some of Jamaica’s most dominant social issues including poverty, crime and prostitution.  

According to Hezron he feels duty bound as an artiste to be the voice of the oppressed. “People are asking me why I’ve recorded Can’t take The Pressure and Hustle Haffi Gwaan, because they are mostly used to me singing love songs. 

It’s my duty as an artiste to sing about what the people are going through every day, we are all in the struggle together and I can feel their pain, the pressure is at times so unbearable. I sincerely hope that my music will help to soothe and inspire the people as they hustle for survival day by day.” Hezron has also been very busy on stage, since the start of the year he has delivered numerous crowd pleasing performances across the island at venues including Jungle Fire, Blue Essence, Jojo’s Jerk Pit and Mobay Night Out.
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