Jamaican Dub Poet Yasus Afari Unleashes New Single

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Jamaican reggae artist and dub poet virtuoso Yasus Afari returns with his stimulating new single "Wine Pon Paper," released worldwide today, April 16, 2013, from FOX FUSE. Afari is hailed as one of reggae music's leading lyricists and one of the world's most prolific dub poets, who always delivers with witty, creative and cleverly articulated content. "Wine Pon Paper" stays true to form and is destined to defy and redefine reggae poetry.

It serves as the lead single for Afari's upcoming album Public Secret, set for release on June 11, 2013. "'Wine Pon Paper' is an artistic, poetic and creative interpretation of the idea of writing for work and fun, so that it's hip and fashionable to be a writer," discloses Afari. "The song has an intriguing title, which is a very orgasmic, mental stimulant, as it stimulates the body, mind and soul."  

With profound lyrics fused over a catchy, classic reggae rhythm, "Wine Pon Paper" is the prefect prelude to Afari's highly anticipated impending studio album. "Wine Pon Paper" is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers and is distributed by FOX FUSE. 

Here are some lyrics from the potent "Wine Pon Paper":

Mi si pen all a wine pon paper
 when girls a give out dem number
dem seh haul and pull-up mi selecta
 Fah the word soun have up the powa
now lata is already greter
 lyrical riddim a dance pon paper.
 and question a bubble wid answer
and when the ik & the vibes start flow
 the stanzas them start fi grow
so the fruits and works start show
 and mi people dem glad fi know

Wi have music dance and comedy
 story telling fashion and poetry
 now thoughts and words bring reality
 reality shape wi identity
so wi think and make things happen
 now action brings the reaction
and set the whole thing inna motion
 so if yu don't plan to fail
don't fail to plan
 just join wid mi inna the celebration
 mek wi sen out a good vibration!
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