King Addies Sparks Bidding War

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Big news for King Addies! Due to the high volume of interest exhibited by promoters and fans alike since King Addies' epic signing with Irish and Chin management, the legendary sound is embarking on a European Summer 2013 tour.

On this first endeavor, appropriately billed "The Royal Rebirth Tour," the King Sound will showcase their diverse talent on an array of bashment and hardcore juggling dates. Impressively, several performances have already been confirmed.

Not only is this King Addies first official tour via Irish and Chin, it's also the first time the new faces of King Addies are formally touring. "The Royal Rebirth Tour" is specificially designed to furhter expose the immense talent of the young King Addies sound, destined to be one of the industry's powerhouse teams. The tour will add to King Addies' rich history.  

"The sound industry is missing the addition of new stars. It's been well over a decade that a selector/sound team has made a global impact," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne. "I am confident that King Addies ripe and fresh line up boasts the talent and cohesion to shine and make waves." King Addies is the premiere American based sound to gain international fame. 

Emerging as a giant of the industry in the late 80's/early 90's, King Addies went on to clash and defeat the very best sounds in the game. Amongst their peers and sound clash aficionados, King Addies was nicknamed the "Billboard Sound" because of their knack for securing dub plates from high profile international mainstream artists such as Lauryn Hill, Toni Braxon, Wu Tang Clan and more. The sound's undying legacy continues to be upheld and will be highlighted on "The Royal Rebirth Tour."
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