Lieutenant Brooksie is Back In Full Force

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“In times of desperation and difficulty the people need inspiration and hope, that’s what I plan to give them with my music” says Lieutenant Brooksie. The fire brand reggae singjay who is known for positive uplifting songs such as Persistent and Talk It Over, is in a no nonsense mood as he looks to tackle some of the most serious social issues that are affecting the Jamaican people. “Now is the time that the people need positive messages, they don’t need no gimmicks music, they need encouragement and inspiration.

The Jamaican dollar is going down the drain and things are getting harder every day, crime is on the increase and the youths are hungry. In these times we the singers and the players of instruments have to play our part in the struggle for a better tomorrow,” said Lieutenant Brooksie.

Although not much hasn’t been heard from the Spanish Town native for quite some now, things are about to change as he is currently in the studios working on a number of new projects for several local and international producers such as JK Records, Ransack Productions (Canada), Kace One Entertainment (USA).  

“It’s been a while since I’ve released any new music, this is due to the fact that for a while I was taking a little time to sort out my business affairs, during that time I also spent a lot of time writing and meditating and preparing myself for the mission at hand. Now things are about to change I’ve been doing a lot of recordings lately, by next month I will release a very potent single called Think About Jah, trust me the fans are going to love this song, I can guarantee they won’t be disappointed.” 

The hard working entertainer has also been doing a number of performances both locally and overseas. He recently performed at the Jungle Fyah night club in Portmore, sharing the stage with Hezron, Nature and TonyD Clutcheye. Now under the management of Empress Jahsen of Empress Jahsen Music Productions Lieutenant Brooksie is looking to take his career to new heights. 

“Right now the limit is beyond the sky, I plan to take my career to highest possible heights, I have a new management team and together we are working hard to make the name Lieutenant Brooksie into an international brand. My management is currently arranging a number of gigs for me in the US, Canada and Europe, we are also working on an album that will be released before the end of the year. There are a lot of positive things in the pipeline for me right now,” said Lieutenant Brooksie.
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