Mikki Ras Releases Wi Nuh Worry Video

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Fast rising Dancehall artiste Mikki Ras is ready to take his career to the highest heights in Dancehall music. “2013 is going to be the year that Mikki Ras buss inna di business right, cause a righteous music man a do fi di people dem.

Right now mi ready fi go all the way to the top,” said Mikki Ras. The firebrand deejay who hails from the parish of Clarendon recently returned to the island after a month long promotional tour of New York.

 “Mi just complete a likkle promotional tour inna New York City the other day, it was very good cause mi do a whole heap shows and interviews and ting, nuff works gwaan,” said the artiste.  

Mikki Ras recently released the music video for his single titled We Nuh Worry. The video which was shot in New York City is currently enjoying strong rotation on a number of local television stations. ”The video for my latest single just drop a road and it a get a lot of love from the people, it’s a good look.” Mikki Ras is currently busy in the studios working on a number of projects. He is also scheduled to return to US for another round of promotions on the East Coast.
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