Nature Takes Action in Greenwhich Farm Community

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New reggae sensation Nature has upped his game with conscious lyrics that are reminiscent of Bob Marley and other conscious artists. Releasing songs such as World Peace, Trying Man and Revolution he has stepped out into the spotlight since he signed up with Downsound Records last year. Nature recently made what can be described as a very noble gesture.

The talented young man who originally hails from the second city of Montego Bay took time out during his video shoot for his hit single Revolution, to donate food supplies to several elderly residents in the Greenwhich Farm community.

Natures said what he did was just his way of giving back to his community. “A lot of people need help and we can’t sit down and not do anything, we all have to play our part in helping those that cannot help themselves, and Greenwhich Farm is my community so this is my way of doing a little something for the people of my community, said the artiste.  

According to Nature in the video he plays the role of man who transforms from being a trying man to become a revolutionary man by taking an active role in helping the poor and motivating them to uplift themselves and rise above poverty. “This video is going to be great, it has a very strong story line, in the video I play the role of a revolutionary man, someone who does not wait on the Government to help, he teaches the people how to help themselves, therefore he leads a peaceful bloodless revolution and everyone is happy.” 

His manager Joe Bogdanovich says the video was done to show Jamaicans that things can and will get better despite the hard times if we all work together peacefully to solve our problems as a nation. “The message we are sending to the people with video is a message of hope. The video shows it’s possible to have a better tomorrow, a brighter day; Jamaica can once again be safe and prosperous, if we all work together. The video for Revolution will be released before the end of the month.
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