Tommy Lee Sparta’s First European Tour

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Tommy Lee Sparta Poses with his fans in Suriname
after his performance in Flamboyant PK
After a sold out show for thousands in Suriname over the weekend, fast rising entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta is now in the Netherlands to kick off his first European tour. For the next seven weeks the deejay is scheduled for performances in Belgium, France, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Shook singer is very enthusiastic about his first journey to Europe. “Well a long time mi want come a dem place ya. Mi been talking to mi fans online from all these countries for a while now, so is a great feeling fe forward over ya still”, says Tommy Lee Sparta. The relatively fresh act has been extending his fan base into the very massive children audience.

His new track, Captain Sparta that was made exclusively for minors has opened a unique door for him. For the first time in Sweden a dancehall artiste will be in concert for a children only event. His manager, Junior "Heavy-D" Fraser arranged the treat for the twelve (12) to Seventeen (17) age group. The extraordinary experience will be held at the Sherholmens Youth Centre on April 24th.  

For this extremely special performance “Captain Sparta” will entertain his young audience with his lyrical content altered for his juvenile fans. His entire catalogue will be edited appropriately for his fresh-faced crowd. According to Tommy Lee Sparta “Mi haffi do something special fe di kids, mi get tweet and message everyday from dem. Suh mi know dem a look my way and mi want dem fe happy too, so me make music just fe dem uzimi. 

Dem support me suh mi a invert it yah now. (Breaking out into song, he sent the message)…“Kids be a genius like Jimmy Neutron.” Last weekend saw the debut of his fully animated music video, Captain Sparta. The Mental Chung production has been receiving rave reviews. Tommy Lee Sparta discusses this new project in detail, as well as his alternative/ dancehall track, Spartan Angels in an exclusive interview with Anthony Miller.
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