Calico Flames Teams Up With Nitty Kutchie

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Fast rising dancehall artiste Calico Flames recently teamed up with Nitty Kutchie to record a brand new single titled Rise From The Ghetto. “It was a really good experience working with Nitty Kutchie in the studio; he’s a very talented artiste. Nitty has a lot of experience, he’s been in the game for a very long time now and yet still he is very humble and willing to work with young artistes like myself, I respect him a lot and really appreciate him doing this collaboration with me,” said Calico Flames.

The single that was produced by Junior Forbes of Secret Productions LLC and Rohan Brown of Jem Tar Productions is currently getting a lot of attention in the dancehall. According to Calico Flames whose real name is Oneil Chung Rise From The Ghetto is rapidly gaining popularity among dancehall fans in Kingston.

“Last week Wednesday Stone Love played Rise From The Ghetto at Weddy Weddy and it got crazy forwards the selector had to pull it up about 7 times, the people love it. Right now everywhere it’s played it gets the same response.”  

The talented singjay who grew up Montego Bay said he wrote his lyrics for the song based on everyday life experiences and the things he sees happening in the inner-city communities. “A lot of people think that nothing good happens in the ghetto and all ghetto people are bad, but that’s not true, what is true is the fact that life is very hard in the ghetto and people have to work hard to survive and sometimes some even have to do things that they might not really want to do, but they do it to survive. 

Despite all of that there are a lot of talented and hard working youths who are doing positive things to make it in life in the ghettos, so that’s why Nitty and I do this tune to big them up and encourage them to strive for success,” said the artiste. Calico Flames also said the response that Rise From The Ghetto is receiving has inspired him to write and record more conscious and uplifting songs. 

“Right now the response to this tune has inspired me to record a whole lot of conscious tunes, it’s good to know that you can record songs with a positive message and the people will love it.” Calico Flames also plans to release several new singles next month including Mock & Jeer and Baddest Gal.
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