Di Captain #1 on New York and Jamaica Reggae Album Charts

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 Freddie McGregor is back on board with the release of his brand new video "Bag A Hype" off his latest chart-topping album Di Captain on Big Ship/VP Records. Di Captain is #1 on the New York Reggae album chart for the sixth week in a row, #3 on the South Florida Reggae album chart and at the top of Jamaica's Richie B album chart for the second week.

With his deep reggae catalog spanning almost five decades, Freddie McGregor is one of the few first-generation reggae icons here today who has blazed a path through virtually every stage of the genre - from ska and rock steady to reggae and dancehall.

He takes the reigns with his latest studio album Di Captain (VP Records/Big Ship), after four years in the making. The album's title refers slyly to his continued status as captain of his Big Ship production complex. This 16-track collection demonstrates Freddie's magnificent talents as a songwriter and his taste for cover versions, romantic ballads and songs with strong cultural messages.
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