Dream Circle Unleashes "Original / Medicine Man". TELEMUNDO Exclusive Premiere.

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Brooklyn-based electronic band Dream Circle unleash their latest video, “Original/Medicine Man,” from their debut album Lost Art. This visual blends two songs together to create one music video that celebrates Dream Circle’s love for Jamaica.

From the turquoise waters of Negril to the cavernous countryside - rich with tight-knit communities, reggae music and ital food - the beauty of the land and people shines throughout this colorful production. Dream Circle’s latest music video is uniquely two videos in one. “Original” is a dub reggae song with the simple message that we are all one people.

The second half of the video transitions into the song “Medicine Man,” inspired by a Rastaman that took the band to Reach Falls, a remote area in Jamaica in the middle of a valley. The video travels through the lush tropical landscape of Dream Circle’s “home away from home.”  

The music of Brooklyn's Dream Circle is an eclectic, genre-bending journey into soul, house, hip-hop, dub and African music. The duo's debut album Lost Art was released in April 2013 on Unemployable Music. The collection features space-hopper Johnny Voltik dropping his blend of soul on “School of Life,” while African-born emcee Oa delivers a killer verse in Yoruba on “Sea of Tranquility.” On “You Remind Me,” Dominican poet and songstress Stephanie Morillo’s vocals glide over tabla drums and take the listener to an even higher dimension. 

Dream Circle was formed in 2011 and consists of band members Katy Walker (lead vocals, keys, production) and Joel Mejia (drums, production). The duo are engaged and currently reside in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Walker, who is originally from Austin, TX, met Mejia, the second generation Domincan and Bronx, NY native, while producing a music video and playing for another band (formerly known as My M.O.). 

Their chemistry was inevitable, and the two were compelled to collaborate together after the band parted ways. “I am extremely grateful to have received these messages of universal love and consciousness,” says Mejia about their first collection Lost Art. “It may sound esoteric, but music is magical. It doesn’t come from a place that we typically have access to unless we open ourselves up. We did just that and received this music. 

We wanted it to uplift people and have a vibratory effect on them. It’s not casual listening, but active listening,” he adds. Dream Circle is regularly performing in NYC and the east coast and incorporates live percussion, synths, and loops into their live performance. 


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