Tanya Carter’s 'Ex-Boyfriend' Catches Love

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“I never knew this feeling that you’re giving me would take me to another place with your love” - the first line of Tanya Carter’s Ex-Boyfriend single is on the lips of Reggae music lovers all over the world. The song has made its way onto music charts in the Caribbean, the United States, England, Canada and even China. The catchy tune, with its lyrics that ladies can identify with, has become a hit in just a few weeks.

The Belizean songstress said “I’m not only pleased [with the song’s success] but quite surprised. I knew I had a hit, but not like this”. In addition to its popularity across the world, Jamaicans have embraced the single.

Tanya collaborated with Jamaican hit maker, Christopher Birch, who co-wrote and produced the song, in the island known for its Reggae music. Numerous Jamaican radio stations, including Fame FM, Zip 103 FM and Hitz 92 FM, have been playing Ex-boyfriend and the video has been featured on all Jamaican television stations and entertainment shows.

 Fans on social media have labeled the song ‘honest’ and ‘real’ and although “a lot of men were taken a back [by the lyrics], the ladies were defending it and could relate to the words and the beat is infectious”, Tanya explained. “Ex-boyfriend went straight to number one on several radio station charts and has even gotten positive feedback from soldiers in Iraq who say they march to the song in the mornings.” 

Tanya is set to release her second single produced by Christopher Birch, Crazy, next month. The artiste says the single is influenced by men cheating on ‘good’ women … “I love writing songs that evoke emotion, for I am an emotional artist”. It stands to be another controversial hit and has already been endorsed by international recording artiste, Shaggy.
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