ZJ Elektra Takes Her ‘A’ Game to Connecticut

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Even her fingers are a-dancing as ZJ Elektra meticulously prepares to launch a musical onslaught on Connecticut, where she has been booked for a double date this weekend. Actually, it will be the Zip jock’s debut in that US state, and since debuts are supposed to be special, Elektra has vowed to give Hartford two nights in May that they are not likely to forget in a hurry.

Come Friday, patrons who attend Sunset Friday at Sunset Café in Hartford, will experience a sunset like no other as the ultra savvy Elektra flexes her musical muscles and totally locks the city. It is almost redundant to say that the electrifying Elektra, whose latest mixtape is wreaking musical havoc in the dancehall, plans to take her ‘A’ game to Sunset Café.

According to the promoters, the buzz on Friday’s event is through the roof and many of Elektra’s fans – both male and female – are ecstatic at the opportunity to experience her live. Also showcasing their musical dexterity will be DJ Prince Paul, Monsta P and Bob Steel, while Kwesol has been assigned hosting duties.  

On Saturday, Elektra zips across to the West Indian American Centre in Hartford for the show that Connecticut has long been holding its breath – ‘Man A Suffer Too Long’, featuring the man of the moment, I-Octane. Certainly another blockbuster event, Elektra is quietly savouring the run-up to what could be a defining moment in her career. 

“When you are billed for a show overseas, there are two magic words on the poster that you have to live up to – ‘From Jamaica’. It’s as if you are expected to create ‘Jamaica’ in that space for as long as you are playing the music. 

And it doesn’t matter whether you are playing dancehall, reggae, jazz or R&B, as long as you are ‘from Jamaica’, you must bring Brand Jamaica to the turntable. But as selectors we know the score and we know how to entertain – what to drop when and how. Hartford will be absolutely Elek-trifying,” the ZIP FM jock stated with a mischievous smile.
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