Duane Stephenson Offered 3-Year Booking Deal With South American Company

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Recently returned from a mega-successful mini-tour of Brazil, reggae singer Duane Stephenson is basking in the glowing aftermath of that trip. At the end of the tour, he knew three things for a fact: one – he had performed well; two – his audiences had been thrilled; and three – the promoters were all smiles.

But what Duane didn’t know, was the extent to which he had impacted Brazil, and in fact, the entire South American continent. But he soon found out, when he was approached by representatives of THT Events, one of the top three promoters in South America, to sign a three-year booking contract with the company.

Naturally, Duane was blown away. “It was totally unexpected, but I just kept cool and listened to what they had to say. And it definitely sounds interesting,” Duane disclosed.  

He is now ironing out the details of the contract with Luciano Alves and Sidney Gresser with a view to going back to South America during the summer. And, being Duane, he intends to seize this opportunity with both hands. 

On his to-do list are plans are to record a song in Portuguese, the official language spoken in Brazil and also to do another in Spanish, which is spoken in the majority of South American countries. “I have been exploring my options as far as learning Spanish is concerned and although I would prefer to be in a classroom with other students, that might not be possible, given my schedule. 

So I will probably have to get a personal tutor, but the important thing is that by the end of the year my Spanish must be good,” the reggae singer stated emphatically. Duane, who is also committed to making his home fans feel his presence, recently completed the video for the reality single, To The Lord, on Don Corleone’s soothing Scriptures riddim. 

Another single Kingston Town (Another Day In Paradise) is currently charted locally at number 15 and is moving up.
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